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Maybe you’re the guy who wears a knitted unicorn jumper to the pub, or you’re the girl who named her car Bruce Jenner. Maybe you’re a soccer hooligan, an Art Deco aficionado, or the best cupcake maker who’s ever freakin existed. But whoever you are, and whatever your story is, we know you’re definitely not ordinary. And so, for the strange, amazing, unique person you are, we make extraordinary portraits.

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What We Do

Very simply put, we produce unique and creative, digitally composed portraits. We begin by professionally photographing you, and then through our specialised processes of retouching, compositing, and imagineering we create beautiful and original portrait images unlike anything you can find anywhere else. You, the kids, your family, or even your pets become the feature of artwork that is an amazing and timeless reflection of who you truly are – inside and out. Images are only ever limited by imagination…but a few starting ideas might include:-

  • Something movie inspired from Star Wars, James Bond, or The Breakfast Club
  • Dunking on LeBron James or a screamer of a footy mark in a sports action picture
  • Kids lifting cars or sofas overhead in wondrous displays of super strength
  • Gaming styled images straight out of Fallout, Grand Theft Auto, or Donkey Kong
  • The fantasy worlds of Lord of the Rings or Alice in Wonderland
  • Ninja, boxing, UFC, or kung-fu fight action imagery
  • Your favourite scenes from mythology or history
Samples of our work

Truly Unlimited Possibilities

Our approach to image making allows us to create the impossible, invent the improbable, and to capture your dreams in digital and on paper.

We can conjure new worlds with the movement of a hand.

Our biggest difference is better Photoshopping. With advanced skills, we are able to create realms and realities that our competitors can barely dream of.

How it’s Done

Client posing for a before photo prior to a portrait shoot.


During the photo shoot - a woman dressed in a sailor outfit.


The finished product - a sailor themed vintage pin-up poster.


Our creation process is transformational – turning what’s everyday, into what is an exceptional keepsake. We guide customers through every stage of development focussed on producing unique and collectable pieces of art.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, we of course need to know what to begin working on. If you’ve come up with an idea or have been inspired by work we’ve already done, then that’s fantastic! Otherwise, we’ll have a chat and we’ll see what we can think up together.

When we know what we’re going to be working on, we make a plan on how to put it together and book in the photo shoot.

The photo shoot is where we get our working images from. On the day of the shoot we make sure you’re looking perfect, we light the studio in just the right way to get the right effect, and we direct you until we get the perfect photo.

Unlike other studios, this isn’t where we stop however.

The finishing process is where the magic really happens. This is where we composite a multitude of foreground and background images together, and then employ an assortment of retouching tricks to create beautiful, enhanced pictures that are completely personalised to you.

The finished product is usually a large photographic print which is ready for framing.

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Human Republic is a celebration of people. It’s a tribute to all the strange, remarkable, captivating, and diverse magnificence that constitute this, our sparkling nation of humanity.

Our purpose for being, is to produce beautiful portrait images that honour the uniqueness and creativity of every individual. Our enduring goal is to faithfully capture and reveal the very essence of each person we are given the singular privilege to work with.

It’s our belief that it’s the job of all businesses, and particularly every photographer, to continually strive to create more value for customers through service, quality, and innovation. We need to create new products, find more solutions, and close gaps that have been left by the others in our industry. So, it’s the philosophy of Human Republic to offer what our competitors can’t or simply won’t.

In our efforts to be better, we have noticed that the most inventive photographers in the world are by far the most expensive, but the affordable photographers in our industry just generate the same tired images for everyone. Human Republic want to produce beautiful and creative, but affordable images for the world; and so, we hold this goal high as our core difference.

Can I supply my own photo?

  • The images we work with do need to be professionally lit and shot with a pro quality camera. Typically we need to ensure quality standards by doing our own photography, but if you have a photo created elsewhere that you want us to look at, we are happy to have a gander.

Is there a discount for additional prints?

  • Definitely. We can offer additional prints for a greatly discounted price, get in touch with us to find out the exact pricing. 

Can I have my image printed on other types of items?

  • We know that some people might want t-shirts, cups, or even wallpaper printed with their Human Republic image, and so we are happy to seek pricing for those sorts of items as needed.

Can I use the image to market my business?

  • The pricing we provide for personal use imagery is very heavily discounted from commercial rates, and so we don’t allow commercial publishing of our work unless written consent has first been obtained by Human Republic Pty Ltd.

Can I put my image on social media?

  • So long as its not used for commercial reasons you absolutely can! If you friend us on Facebook we will also provide you with a digital copy perfect for using on social media.

How long does the photo shoot take?

  • It really depends on the concept we are producing. If extensive hair, make-up, and costume is required then at least few hours is probably needed, if we are doing something less elaborate then it’ll be less time. We can tell you more accurately as we understand the concept.

Can I check the work before it is printed?

  • Absolutely. Part of our process includes giving you a viewing either in person or online before we send the image for printing. 

How long will it take to get my image?

  • It does depend on how many jobs we are currently working on, but typically we can show you the new image a week after the photo shoot. If you are happy at that stage then delivery from printing is usually three more days from then.

Why does an image with more than one person cost more?

  • Very simply, because it takes more work. The process we use includes a lot of digital painting which is very time consuming, and so the more subjects we need to paint the longer it takes to complete the image.

I am thinking about a concept with nudity, is that OK?

  • Yes, we are happy to accommodate those who want to do something more risqué and we will ensure privacy is granted for all photography and images.

Is there any concept you wont do?

  • We are happy to work on almost any idea you can think of, however we wont create images that we believe may promote child abuse, animal cruelty, or Nickelback.